Mutual Funds Application Chatbot

If your firm is looking for ways to make mutual fund investments a smooth ride for individual investors, nothing could beat the efficiency of conversational AI at that. A chatbot template, such as this one, can offer funds that are tailor-made and need-based solutions through an automated chat without human interference, and collect customer details to share all the relevant details on a mutual fund with them.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the customer if they are looking for equity funds, fixed-income funds, hybrid funds, or FMPs and Closed-End Fund.

2. It lists out the benefits of each active fund.

3. It collects the customer's name, phone number, and email address.

4. It can customize the mutual funds according to the needs of individual and institutional investors, i.e. taking their current income, asset growth, debt obligations, etc, into consideration.

5. It can maintain active management of the application process.

6. Decreased investor search costs can also cause a reduction in marketing expenses.

7. It can be configured to act as a financial advisor to an active investor.

8. It can work even after non-business days.

9. It can benefit the customer in adopting investment strategies, that might take the commitment of time, and can set up important investment goals for them.

10. The deployment of the chatbot could add value to the mutual fund marketing tactics of an institution.

11. Its reach can be analyzed through analytics over time.

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