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Customers love rewards, offers, and giveaways. If your business deals with those, what better way to do so than using conversational AI! Automating your customer loyalty program would not only take some workload off of the agents but also incentivize the current customer base as well as generate new leads. Strengthen your customer base with new marketing efforts and make the customer journey a meaningful one.

Features and Benefits :

  • The chatbot asks the customer if they prepare their taxes themselves.
  • To enter the customer into the draw, it collects their name and email address.
  • It then sends them an automated email confirming their registration.
  • It can send automated emails or texts to the customer's phone numbers that are personalized based on their purchase history.
  • This bot will be able to collect data about your customer’s preferences and habits and use this information to personalize future communications.
  • It will help you engage with your audience by giving you insights into how your customers behave.
  • You can set up different rules for different types of users and customize your chatbot according to your needs.
  • You can add additional features like sending coupons or discounts to your customers.
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