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If your software services and outsourcing solutions providing company wants the customers to know about its government payment gateway, then nothing can beat this chat automation tool in doing that. With this free chatbot template, you could let your customers know how they can expand their business and access a customer base by accepting payments and services from more government agencies. It can also explain the benefits of digitization of government payments and delivering an online payment solution to customers. It will help them understand the importance of using this service and why it is needed. The chatbot will tell them what are the advantages of using this service and how it helps them save money.

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Features and Benefits

1. The chatbot introduces the company to the customer in the beginning.

2. It explains the importance of government financial services such as payment collection to the customer.

3. It asks the customer if they would like to know more about the EBT service or talk to a representative.

4. It collects the customer's name, phone number, email address, and company name for further contact.

5. It can be configured to provide a secure automated payment system to the customers.

6. It can be configured to provide multiple payment methods to the customers, such as credit cards, checks, ACH, and direct deposit.

7. It can be configured to give the customer an option to ask questions regarding the product or service.

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