Simple Savings Calculator Chatbot

There are multiple popular online investment calculator tools that financial companies use to bring traffic to their websites. This chatbot template combines the functionality of such a calculator with lead generation to take things to the next level. As per the potential clients' inputs, a detailed report can be sent to them regarding how their investment will grow based on the current interest, principal, and time. Hence, they can get insight into what they need to do to reach their financial goal. The financial services industry finds it difficult to generate qualified leads and aid the sales team in pushing them down the sales funnel. As a result, the traditional lead generation service fails in benefiting the financial advisory business. But, conversational AI can change the worst-case scenario to the best by providing helpful content and incentives to clients through a simple chat.

Features and Benefits :

  • The chatbot asks the user to enter the initial amount that they are aiming to invest.
  • It asks them to enter the monthly deposit can they afford to add to this principal amount.
  • It asks them to select the type of interest such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual.
  • It asks them to enter the number of years they plan to invest.
  • It collects the financial clients' names and email addresses to share the results.
  • It can generate new leads from the target market and improve client relationships with the current client base.
  • It can increase the conversion rate by automating the investment calculation process.
  • It can improve the client experience and result in satisfied clients.
  • It can improve the marketing strategy for a financial planning business.
  • It can help the financial advice industry garner an engaged audience.
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