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Mortgage Loans are quite common and in demand these days. This type of loan program allows people to apply for quick loans and gradually pay them back over numerous monthly payments. While people usually go to mortgage brokers for a mortgage quote, this chatbot makes the whole process much simpler giving a competitive edge to those mortgage companies that implement it. It gathers all the necessary information about the type of property your customer is trying to mortgage and directs them regarding how to proceed with the application process. This chatbot also gathers important leads such as - the names of clients and their respective real estate agent, property types, SSNs, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. This chatbot can act like a quick financial advisor and is definitely a game changer for the mortgage industry.

Features and Benefits :

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step method.
  • Gathers all necessary information about the property your customer is trying to mortgage.
  • Notes down the loan type and amount that your customer requires.
  • Gathers essential leads such as - names, property details, social security numbers, email addresses, date of birth, social security numbers and phone numbers.
  • Gathers leads of not just your customer but also their respective realtor and employer.
  • Can be used to send the mortgage quote directly to the customer's email inbox.
  • Helps customers book a callback or consultation.
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