Trading Account Application Chatbot

CRM refers to all the practices, tools, and techniques that a business uses to generate and nurture its leads. One such tool that it can make use of is this chatbot template that lets a financial service company, especially a trading platform, open a trading and Demat account without ever redirecting the customers to the application portal. The financial services sector can use this stock broker CRM to collect a wide range of details through an automated conversation and contact the customers through emails to let them track the application status whenever they want to. Additionally, it can be used to provide a range of other financial products to the customers.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the customer to keep their PAN Card, Aadhaar Card & Cancelled personalized cheque ready in front of them.

2. It asks them to share their PAN number and upload the PAN card for verification.

3. It collects their name, phone number, date of birth, and email address.

4. It asks them to share their gender, marital status, father/spouse's name, and mother's name.

5. It asks them if their current tax residence is in any other country other than India.

6. If the customer says yes, the chatbot asks them to share their TIN number, country of jurisdiction, country of birth, and current address.

7. It asks them to upload their recent passport size photo and signature.

8. It asks them to share their permanent and correspondence address and upload a document as proof of their permanent address.

9. It asks them to choose a trading segment that they prefer so that it can be added to their accounts, such as equity cash, commodity, mutual funds, equity derivative, or currency.

10. It asks them to choose a brokerage plan from a list: standard, silver, gold, platinum, or diamond.

11. It asks them to make a choice for running account authorization, i.e. daily, once in a month, or once in a quarter.

12. It asks them if they want an electronic contract note or a physical one.

13. It asks them to select an account opening scheme.

14. It asks them to share their branch name, branch address, IFSC code, MICR code, account number, account type, equity bank proof image, education qualification, occupation, and annual income.

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