You guys probably already know what a WhatsApp chatbot is but for good measure (and because it gives us a good segue into the next section) here’s a quick recap of the most dictionary-ish definition of WhatsApp chatbots we could come up with:

A WhatsApp Chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users on WhatsApp to facilitate a trade of information or services.

Honestly, we don’t like this definition at TARS because it’s kinda boring, so we came up with one that’s a little more imaginative:

Imagine if your business was an actual person with thoughts, feelings, desires, and most importantly an account on WhatsApp that it can use to talk to customers. That person is a WhatsApp Chatbot.

This definition truly captures what it means for your business to have a WhatsApp chatbot. Your chatbot is an embodiment of your business on the internet. 

Of course, even the revised definition leaves something to be desired. Specifically, it doesn’t tell us what a WhatsApp Chatbot achieves by talking to customers. Put differently, “if a chatbot allows your business to talk, what would it say?”

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