Imagine having a virtual assistant who is available 24/7/365 and can schedule sales calls for your entire team over WhatsApp.

Well that is now possible with WhatsApp Chatbots.

Here’s the full story👇

The Problem

Scheduling is and always has been a pain. Between the constant WhatsApp conversations, email chains, and annoyingly long games of phone tag, figuring out a time for a sales call takes way more time than is necessary.

Calendar widgets (like Calendly) are a partial solution because they automate all the communication-related hassle. But they aren’t perfect. At the end of the day, they are nothing more than glorified forms, and that can turn some prospects off, resulting in an abysmal conversion rate, especially if appointment booking is at the top of your funnel (looking at you doctors).

WhatsApp Chatbots as the Solution

Think of WhatsApp chatbots as automated personal assistants. They hook up to your sales teams’ calendars and can talk prospects through the process of booking an appointment through a WhatsApp conversation.

The end result is that you and your sales team spend less time stuck in frustrating email chains and more time closing deals.

How can I get started with WhatsApp chatbots?

That’s where we come into the picture. 

Using the TARS builder you can create a WhatsApp chatbot (even if you have no coding experience at all).

All you need to do to get started is to book a free consultation with us to discuss your requirements.

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