Why You Should Use an AI Marketing Bot for Your Company

Kritika Gupta
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We hired an AI marketing bot and our sales team wasn’t happy, and it is not because of what you are thinking.

Picture this, you’re a marketing professional, sipping your double espresso, staring at the blinking cursor on your blank document. You’re tasked with the formidable challenge of crafting a compelling message to pique the interest of a kaleidoscope of prospective clients – from financial industry hotshots to public sector moguls to innovation wizards seeking automation solutions. You sigh, realizing that this isn’t just a puzzle, it’s a Rubik’s cube. The essence of the challenge? Personalization.

Here at Tars, we felt your pain. We’re in the business of serving a broad spectrum of industries with our GPT Powered chatbots, designed to automate and streamline customer support. But tailoring our communication on the landing page to speak to each persona was like trying to catch a fish with bare hands. So, we thought, “Why not leverage our own technology?” Enter stage: Our own AI Marketing Bot and the magic of hyper-personalization.

What is Hyper-personalization ?

Hyper-personalization basically refers to using the power of AI to create personalized experiences for your target audience. By analyzing customer data and preferences, you can deliver tailored content, offers, and recommendations that resonate with individual customers, fostering loyalty and engagement.

To put it simply – imagine you have just started using Netflix. At first, the platform will ask you a few questions related to your interests and what kind of movies you generally like. For the first few days, you will have to use the search tab a lot to find shows that you prefer. However, after some days, you will realize that the algorithm will start suggesting shows that match your tastes perfectly. The need to manually search for shows will grow lesser and lesser. This is an example of hyper-personalization.

What if I told you that you could create a similarly hyper-personalized journey for your prospective customers? All you need is a little help from Tars’ new marketing bot.

How Tars’ AI Marketing Bot Can Hyper-Personalize Marketing for Better Engagement

Our new Marketing Bot is not just any bot. It’s an AI chameleon, morphing its messaging to resonate with the needs of each individual persona. Let me paint you a picture of this wizardry at work.

Meet Sally, a marketing professional in the finance industry. She lands on our website, her mind buzzing with queries like, “Can the bot handle high traffic volumes during peak trading hours?” or “How does the bot handle queries related to financial regulations?” Our Marketing Bot responds, tailoring its language to Sally’s industry jargon, speaking of robust systems capable of handling volatile traffic, and the ability to answer queries in compliance with finance industry regulations.

ai marketing bot


ai marketing tools

Next, we have Bob, the Customer Support Director for a public sector agency. His concerns are different from Sally’s. He wonders, “How secure is the bot? Can it handle sensitive data?” Our bot morphs again, reassuring Bob in his own language, about our top-notch data encryption and stringent privacy policies.

ai marketing platform


ai marketing app

Finally, there’s Maria, an Innovation Director scouting for a bot to manage automation for internal employee use cases. She asks, “Can your bot streamline our HR processes? Can it handle IT support?” The Marketing Bot rises to the occasion once again, showcasing its versatility by explaining how it can streamline HR processes like leave applications and troubleshooting IT issues.

ai marketing platform


ai marketing tools

Thus, the bot was able to provide highly specific and targeted answers for individuals form different niches.

The Results – Benefits of Using an AI Marketing Bot on Our Landing Page

After implementing an AI marketing bot on our website, we have seen some very curious changes in our regular clientele.

Now, remember our beginning statement? Here’s where it comes into play. As our marketing bot began to pull in leads left and right, our sales team was anything but thrilled. But before you jump to conclusions, let me clarify. It wasn’t the surge in leads that had our sales team puzzled. It was the realization that these prospects already had a deep understanding of our bot’s potential.

That’s right, the bot had done such an exemplary job at catering to the different personas, addressing their concerns, and giving them a taste of its capabilities, that our sales team found themselves in uncharted territory. Prospects no longer needed the usual level of explanation or persuasion. They were already convinced. And thus, our sales team, initially a bit grumpy about the bot stealing their thunder, had a eureka moment. They saw the bot not as competition, but as an advanced scout, preparing the ground for their final sales pitch.

In short, our AI Marketing Bot took personalization to the next level. It not only made our message more relatable to a diverse clientele but also led to an unexpected but welcome change in our sales dynamics.

How to Start Using an AI Marketing Bot for Your Company

AI marketing tools

We hope our experience inspires you to think out of the box, to embrace automation not as a threat but as a tool to enhance your team’s capabilities.

If you’ve been staring at your own blinking cursor, wondering how to connect with a diverse customer base, why not give our GPT-powered chatbot a spin? Simply schedule a free demo to get started.

Let our Marketing Bot do the heavy lifting for you while you sit back, sip your coffee, and watch the conversions roll in. Remember, it’s not about replacing your team but enhancing it.

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