From the soul-crushing regulatory hurdles📝 to the un-sexy daily grind of getting your first customer😓, starting a business is hard🥵

We’ve collected 5 awesome chatbots that help improve the user experience of the process to make it feel just a little bit more bearable👇

1. Incorporating Your Business📝

The first few steps of starting a business are actually kinda boring😴

Before you can even begin thinking about selling your product, you have to deal with some good old fashioned bureaucracy📄📄📄 and make your business official👨‍💼

Thankfully for you, this chatbot has you covered👍

Send it a few messages, pay a small fee and it’ll incorporate your business in no time!⌚

2. Setting Up A Bank Account🏦

Unfortunately for you, the boring stuff doesn’t end there😅

To mint that sweet, sweet entrepreneurial dough🍞, your company needs a bank account to make and accept payments💰

Rather than physically going into a bank branch🚶 (because it’s 2019 and we don’t do things IRL anymore😎), you can chat with an automated bank teller like this one to get a bank account setup✅

3. Finding A Workspace🔨

Now that you have an official business that can accept payments it’s finally time to make your product!👩‍🔬

To do that, you need a workspace🏢

A lot of early-stage companies opt for a co-working option because it gets rid of the hassle of setting up wifi🌐, a coffee machine☕, furniture 🛋️, etc.

This chatbot helps you find a managed co-working space that matches your unique requirements 🍻

4. Getting Your First Customer🥂

Alright now it’s time for the fun stuff😁The first batch of shampoo has been produced📦 and you’ve almost completely drained your savings account💸 to pay for the rent and raw materials💸Now you need to get your first customer😎

After setting up highly-optimized Google, Facebook and even Linkedin ad campaigns (targeted at new dog groomers in the greater LA-OC area), you gotta convince someone to give you their contact details📞 so that you can schedule a shampoo demo for them💃

This chatbot is a great example of how you can create an engaging lead gen experience that will bring that first shampoo demo through the door🚪

5. Capturing Their Feedback💬

So you got your first customer and they love your kickass product to 😍

But you can’t rest on your laurels just yet😤

Since you’ve started your business at least 5 other companies have started selling similar products and the market is heating up🔥

You want to stay ahead of the competition so you need to figure out what your customers want and use that feedback to innovate.

This chatbot is a great example of how you can collect the necessary survey data to improve your service and consolidate your position as the King/Queen of your product vertical👑

FINALLY! I have an offer for you!😀

Drop your website/landing page URLs in the comments below👇 if you want us to turn it into a chatbot template and Tars team will do it for FREE!🙉

You can then start using this chatbot right away.

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