Of all the companies we’ve worked with at TARS, one group stands out as having the worst landing pages of them all🥁

Law Firms⚖️

The sorts of webpages that law firms try to pass off as lead generation experiences are positively atrocious🤢

Too many CTAs😵, too much text📜, mobile un-optimized📱… name any CRO issue that you can think off, and the average law firm probably has that issue on its landing page😓

That’s why in this week’s roundup, we are taking a look at four legal chatbots🤖 that are changing the way law firms serve their clients👇

Personal Injury Chatbot 🤕

Personal injury law is what got us interested in legal marketing in the first place💡 Law firms in this space literally pay hundreds (even thousands) of dollars💰 for every single visitor that Google sends their way🤯

This chatbot shows how personal injury law firms can make the most of their marketing spend and get their valuable services to as many clients as possible🙂

Social Security Benefits Chatbot💵

Social security law firms have to deal with perhaps the hardest CRO problem known to modern marketers😨

Baby boomers👴

Getting older prospects to complete online lead gen is hard, to say the least😅

They aren’t as comfortable on the internet as younger prospects and they prefer to get on actual phone calls for lead generation📞

This chatbot is a great example of how Social Security law firms can replicate the phone lead gen experience digitally and generate more leads online.

Business Services Chatbot👨‍💼

If you read our previous roundup, you’ll know that starting a business can be hard!😫

Before you even start thinking about selling your product you need to get through a mountain of paperwork to make your business official📄📄📄

This chatbot shows how business services law firms can drive more business by making the process of starting up more frictionless💨

Immigration Lawyer🛫

Have you ever dealt with the immigration system before?

Long wait times⌚, complex regulations🤔, and clunky forms📝…

The process is hellish!🔥

This chatbot helps lawyers make the immigration system seem a little bit more bearable😅by providing a better intake experience👍

BEFORE YOU LEAVE! I have an offer for you 🎁

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