From doctors👨‍⚕️ to jewelers💎, locksmiths🔑 to beauticians💄, thousands of businesses around the world run on appointments📆

We went through our chatbot template gallery🤖 to curate the best appointment-booking chatbots on the internet🥇

Check them out below👇

Diamond Store Chatbot💎

When you run a shop that sells luxury products (like diamond rings💍), your customers expect personalized, high-quality customer service⭐ and let’s face it your static appointment-booking form just isn’t delivering👎

It’s unengaging, clunky and no one likes filling it out😣

This chatbot shows how a California-based diamond store upped their online appointment-booking game and drive more business📈

Locksmith Chatbot🔑

One of the most common problems that our small business customers face is that they can’t be available all the time⏳ to pick up inquiry calls📞

This chatbot shows how a locksmith got around this problem by automating their appointment-booking process🤖

Doctor Chatbot👨‍⚕️

For a group of people that are synonymous with intelligence, doctors clueless when it comes to lead gen🤔

Doctors’ office websites are un-intuitive😵 and they make patients jump through literal hoops to book an appointment⭕

This chatbot shows how one hospital fixed🔨 its appointment-booking woes using a conversational customer service approach🗣

Beautician Chatbot💄

Most beauticians book their clients through text💬, and phone calls📞

These channels technically work, but it doesn’t take long for the bookings to get out of hand!😱

Before you even have the time to realize it, you’re hyperventilating in the corner because you’re overbooked😓, wait times are skyrocketing⌛ and your Yelp review is plummeting faster than WeWork’s valuation📉

This chatbot shows how small business owners can stay on top of appointments by letting a virtual assistant handle the scheduling📝

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