Create Location-aware Chatbots Using The Tars Geolocation Keyboard

Using the geolocation keyboard, your Tars chatbots can easily collect geolocation data from prospects and use it to deliver a personalized lead generation experience that converts.

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Location-awareness + Chatbots = Higher Conversions📈

Collect Location Data Without Friction

The Tars geolocation keyboard makes location sharing a breeze. Prospects can either drop a pin on a map or search Google Maps to share exact locations with you.

Personalize Lead Generation Using Location Data

Once you’ve collected location data from your prospects, use it to present location-aware messages that are more likely to convert them into leads.

Derive Actionable Insights Using Location-data

Want to calculate what the mortgage interest rate is for a prospect based on their zipcode? Want to figure out which of your office locations is closest for the prospect? You can send location data to thousands of third-party services to transform location-data into actionable business intelligence.

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Free 14 day trial. No payment info needed.