Some Cool and Fun Bots

Short Story Chatbot

This is the coolest chat story you will find on the web 😛

wedding invite chatbot
Wedding Invite Bot

Don’t you think wedding invites have gotten a bit staid? We think so. We imagined what a wedding invite would look like if it were invented in the modern era of chat. Here is the world’s first chat based wedding invite.

puzzle pic
Puzzle Bot

Bots have profound implications for the way businesses will interact with their consumers. But what if they were fun too 🙂 What if you could engage your customers through games to keep them coming back to your website.

Fashion Show Bot
Fashion Show Bot

At Tars we aim to be on the bleeding edge of conversational experiences. As such check out the world’s first bot fashion show. What does that mean? You’ll have to click to find out

Hamad Airport chatbot
Hamad Airport Bot

You know that feeling when you land in a new airport and you can’t find anything. Bathroom, lounges, restaurants, wifi. Where have they all gone? This bot is a concept for how a personal Assistant can get around this problem over chat

Biodata Bot

Paper biodata is boring. Stand out to all those potential matches with a personal bot like this one.

crispr explainer chatbot
CRISPR Chatbot

Imagine if you had a find and replace function for DNA. Well, that future is not too far away. Check out this bot explaining why.

Order Beer over a Bot

Why not just send a few quick messages to quench your thirst.

Fuel Price chatBot
Fuel Price Bot

This is a handy bot that lets you check the fuel prices from the comfort of your home.

Dussehra wishes Bot

The next time you are celebrating a festival, why not blow the minds of your friends and relatives by creating a bot instead of a greeting card. That is what we did.

Giphy Search Bot

Search for a GIF and the bot gets you one directly from GIPHY. It’s that simple.

Oreilly chatbot
O'Reilly Cover Maker Bot

Are you a programmer? If so, I am sure you know about O’Reilly textbooks. I sure do. Did i ever read them? No. Were the covers awesome? YES. This bot allows you to create your own o’reilly textbook cover.

Narendra Modi Chatbot

The PM of India is a busy man. So, he has dispatched his bot friend to make his case.

Calvin- Citations Chatbot

If you have ever written a college level essay, you will know that citations are hard. Do you need one? If so how do you construct it? That is why Calvin exists. Calvin is a bot that helps you with MLA citations.

2016 Listicle Bot
2016 Listicle Bot

Buzzfeed listicles are a pretty great way to pass the time. Only problem is they are a little to linear. Check out this concept for a bot based listicle (a botsicle?). It is countdown of the coolest things we saw in 2016.

bugatti chiron chatbot
New Car Launch Chatbot

The Bugatti Chiron is an engineering marvel that costs 2.6 million dollars. This bot is here to explain what makes the car so special

satellite isro chatbot
ISRO Satellite Launch Bot

ISRO launched 104 satellites in one go recently. Had to find out how. And now I am here to explain it all to you! Obviously over a bot.

News reading chatBot
News API Headlines Bot

This bot brings all news sources in one place using the TARS API integration feature and News API. Not only does this bot showcase the power of the API integration feature, it is also a useful bot that could be your first and last read of the day.

Breaking bad chatbot
Breaking Bad

This bot is the one who knocks. Seriously. If you are a breaking bad fan check it out