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[Tars Feature Update] Introducing Smart Notifications on Emails

by Ish Jindal • August 18, 2017

When a person comes over and talks to your Tars Bot, you get a mail notification about this conversation but only if she completed the whole conversation. Completing the conversation means she reached to the gambit with End Conversation input type : This is what the email notification looks like currently — And these emails get […]

Tars Bot Makers Community!

by Ish Jindal • August 11, 2017

If you are building bots, you are a pioneer. Are we just saying that so that you use our chatbot platform more? Maybe. Likely in fact. But does that diminish the truth behind the statement? No. Bot making is a nascent field that most people are just figuring out. The problems bot makers have to […]

How to use Email Campaigns to promote your bot?

by Ish Jindal • August 7, 2017

Too often when people think of web based bots, they tend to imagine a widget sitting in the bottom right corner of their website that opens up into a bot upon clicking. While this is certainly a reasonable proposition, this line of thinking pigeon holes the possibilities of bots you can make and users you […]

Tars Labs Experiment #2 : Sending Tars bot data to Google Sheets via Zapier

by Ish Jindal • July 25, 2017

A few weeks back, we wrote a piece on how you could integrate TARS with a Telegram bot, so that you could get informed in real time as people filled out your bots. Of course, not all of you use Telegram or know what Telegram is, so since then we have experimented with new ways […]

[Tars Feature Update] : Auto-Suggestion as the new Input UI

by Ish Jindal • July 25, 2017

There are two broad types of data that you can collect from a bot : unstructured and structured. Structured data, which is most of the UI options that we provide, include buttons, star rating, file uploads, date scrollers, image cards. We call these structured forms of input because the user has very little flexibility in choosing […]