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[Tars Feature Update]Speaking Chatbots 🤖

by Ish Jindal • October 25, 2017

I know what you are thinking… Don’t all chatbots speak? Isn’t that the point of the whole technology? You are right… well kind of…technically chatbots chat. Speaking is reserved for humans, Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Until now! We we were thinking this past week : bots are engaging (you know more conversions and all) because […]

[Tars Feature Update] — Prettier Pictures

by Ish Jindal • October 12, 2017

At Tars, we use a lot of images and gifs in our bots. We believe they make the chat flows more engaging, thus increasing our conversion rates and more importantly, they make the chat experience more natural for the user (because humans use gifs and images in everyday chats). So to double down on our […]

[Case Study] How StyleDiem increased their conversion rate by 25% with a Tars Chatbot

by Ish Jindal • October 3, 2017

In the past we have written about how chat interfaces can act as a FaaS (Frontend as a Service). Businesses, specially smaller ones, without dedicated development teams can find it hard to build software to interact with their users. This is why services like Shopify, Zendesk, Zapier and Squarespace exist. These companies allow people without […]

Chatbot Building Best Practices #4 — Making your Bots look the part

by Ish Jindal • September 16, 2017

Building chatbots poses a set of design questions before you that are completely different from any you have faced before. Bots are different from websites and apps in that the fundamental elements of every chat interface are immutable(chat bubbles and a user input area). As such, rather than thinking about layout, and visuals, bot builders […]

Make Chatbots to replace your regular old webforms with Tars — Our Interview with Siftery

by Ish Jindal • September 14, 2017

Tars is a new way to collect user input (e.g filling forms) on mobile. It is a chat like interface where a user replies to one question at a time and that reply is the input. The conversation backend is fully automated, without the need for any human operator. Gerry Giacoman Colyer interviewed Ish Jindal, […]