I have found that when the average person thinks about chatbot creation they assume that it is a hyper-technical project that requires teams of engineers working long hours in dimly-lit, subterranean rooms. This is a misconception. In my experience, software engineers work a reasonable number of hours in kombucha-fuelled open-plan offices with whimsically named conference rooms. More importantly, chatbot creation is no longer a technical affair. With the advent of intuitive no-code creation tools like TARS, chatbot creation is less science and more art.

The best bots aren’t created by the most adept coder but rather by the average marketer who spends every day perfecting the art of convincing prospects to share their contact info. As with any art, chatbot creation requires inspiration. Today, we are happy to provide that inspiration the form of our brand-new (read: redesigned) chatbot template gallery. Here’s the full scoop.

What is the chatbot template gallery?

The name is kinda self-explanatory, isn’t it? The chatbot template a repository of hundreds (soon to be thousands) of the world’s most well-designed conversational experiences to give you inspiration while you build.

To make it more convenient for you to navigate these designs we have painstakingly categorized them into 18 industries (so that you can see the sorts of stuff your competitors are making) and 13 use cases (so you can see other chatbots that already achieve the results that you are hoping to see).

But wait! There’s more.

We’ve also built functionality into the gallery so that if you see a template that you like, you can use it as a starting point to build your own chatbot!

This will save you hours and, if you are new to the chatbot game, this can help you get over that initial hump of building your first bot from scratch.

Where can you find the gallery?

When you log into the TARS builder you should see a new Chatbot Templates tab in the menu on the left.

Click on this button and you’ll be dropped right into the gallery where you can view all the bots that your heart desires.

Haven’t signed up for the TARS builder yet but still want to check out the gallery?

First, sign up for the builder. We promise it will be worth your time. Or, if you insist on living in a unhappy, bot-less world head over to https://hellotars.com/chatbot-templates/ to see the full gallery.


The chatbot gallery is the biggest step we have made in increasing creation efficiency. Rather than spending hours planning and building your bots, you can use one of our pre-made templates as a starting point and make tweaks to perfect the flow. We will work tirelessly over the next few months to expand the gallery, but we’d be thrilled if you gave it a try today and let us know what you think. Our whole team is super excited to hear what you think.