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Why We Created the (Unofficial) Unsplash Chatbot

by Ish Jindal • January 7, 2019

Last week our tech team created a simple chatbot using the Unsplash API. The functionality is pretty simple. A user gives the bot a search query and in response the bot sends Unsplash’s top 3 free stock images associated with that term (You can try out the bot over HERE): The bot was created half […]

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9 PPC Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2019

by Ish Jindal • January 1, 2019

We’ve made it around the Sun again and a lot has happened in that time. There was a trade war, France won the world cup, we saw a royal wedding, and Youtube released its most hated Rewind yet. But lost in the buzz was perhaps the most significant event of the century. At Tars we […]

[Tars Product Update] – Add Emojis in your Chatbots

by Ish Jindal • October 31, 2018

At Tars, we are firm believers in the use of non-text elements in messaging flows. Gifs, videos  and images make conversations a more engaging experience and improve user experience. For this reason, we are making it easier for bot creators to integrate a key type of non-text elements in their conversational flows. The Tars builder […]

5 Things We Learned at SMX East

by Ish Jindal • October 26, 2018

Last Friday I did something that I don’t normally do. Instead of getting my usual morning cup of coffee and heading into work later than I ought to, I caught the airport shuttle bus down the street, waded through Bangalore’s awful rush hour traffic (believe me when I say that it is BAD), made it […]

How Chatbots can help Government Agencies provide amazing Customer Experience

by Ish Jindal • June 7, 2018

If you speak to anyone about their local DMV (or equivalent organization), they will likely complain to you about the long lines, slow service and confusing forms that are near ubiquitous across the world. Such a state of affairs is more than inconvenient, it is downright tragic. The services offered by state and local government […]