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Ordering/Booking Live Demo

This is a demo of how you can take bookings or orders from your users. You can showcase a list of products or services, take the order, ask for user information and that’s pretty much it.

Live Bot

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Use Cases

Ordering and Booking Process

Enable your customers to order products, book an appointment or make a reservation over chat.

Learn how MyGlamm does appointment booking over chat

Customer Support Automation

Let the bot resolve your customers’ frequently asked queries. And your support team can take care of questions that demand expertise.

Know how you can automate repetitive questions

Feedback Collection

Provide your users a refreshing new chat interface to provide feedback. No boring feedback forms anymore.

Learn how Bhukkad collects feedback over chat interface

User Onboarding

Help a user understand about your product and services through an engaging conversation.

How you can explain your product over a chat

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Harry Taggart - Circle

TARS allows supporters of the Feature Film for Charity to submit agreements in a far simpler and natural way, using the amazing ‘Conversational Interface’ chatbot technology. In addition, if we have any questions, these are addressed in an amazingly prompt and helpful manner, rating this company among the very top in ‘customer service experience’.

Harry Taggart
Feature Film for Charity

TARS is a great product for lead generation and customer engagement! There are multiple uses for it and the sky is the limit. Since day one of integration, the team is responsive and very supportive.

Shivram Padmanabhan
Sr. Manager Marketing, Vakilsearch

Users view a form as an indicator of intent, chat interface makes it human. Bookings through chat have a higher propensity to convert into an actual customer.

Neeraj Sanghani
‎EVP Products, ‎MyGlamm
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